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_Example   Phone: 604-792-1234; 604-845-1234   Email:
Desired leagues: Sunday Novice, Monday Dinner, Wednesday Open, Friday Social
Info: I am a novice curler looking to play lead on a team.
Date added: 7/4/2022
Mary-Anne Fish   Phone: 16043166724   Email:
Desired league: Tuesday Day Ladies
Info: Delrose Thomas and I are looking for a Skip and a Lead for the Tuesday Morning ladies league.
Date added: 7/18/2022
Paula Aquino   Phone: 604-897-1163   Email:
Desired league: Wednesday Open
Info: Curling with Brian for Wednesday open. We are looking for 2 more players. I would prefer not to skip for this league, so lead or 2nd. Brian would like to play 3rd.
Date added: 8/14/2022
Sandra Steinson-Mullen   Phone: 250-889-3712   Email:
Desired leagues: Monday Dinner, Wednesday Open, Thursday Open Dinner
Info: Would like to play lead or second. Approx 5 years experience
Date added: 8/16/2022
Jannelle L Buchanan   Phone: 4035932444   Email:
Desired leagues: Monday Rec, Wednesday Open, Friday Social
Info: I am looking to get back into curling. I was formerly part of the Richmond curling club but have since moved to abbotsford. I normally play as a third and sometimes a second. I have experience curling competitively in manitoba growing up.
Date added: 8/22/2022
Dianne Kaldestad   Phone: 6049978870   Email:
Desired leagues: Monday Dinner, Wednesday Open, Thursday Open Dinner
Info: Info: Hi, I have played all positions but prefer the front end.
Date added: 8/29/2022
Jay Couvillon   Phone: 778-985-7460   Email:
Desired leagues: Monday Dinner, Monday Rec, Thursday Men
Info: This will be my second season in Chilliwack after a very long hiatus. I love the game and am excited to meet a new group of people. I'm open to any position. I am interested in the Monday Rec mostly. But I can also do either the Monday Dinner, or the Thursday Men's.
Date added: 8/31/2022
Nels and Deb   Phone: 7787047081   Email:
Desired league: Friday Social
Info: Couple looking to join a team in the Friday Social League. Nels has been playing for 8 years and prefers to play third or skip. Deb is in her second year and can lead or play second.
Date added: 9/1/2022
Lurdes Silva Balfour   Phone: 7788873868   Email:
Desired leagues: Monday Rec, Tuesday Novice, Friday Social
Info: Hi there, I am a novice player. Played 1 season on a novice team but really new to the sport and love it! Would like to be part of a team if any openings.
Date added: 9/4/2022
Steph Hilton & Mike Zado   Phone: 604-378-1741   Email:
Desired leagues: Monday Rec, Tuesday Novice, Wednesday Open, Friday Social
Info: We would like to join a mixed beginners team. We have never played before but would like to join a fun team that welcomes beginners!
Date added: 10/11/2022
Albert J Ens   Phone: 6048453342; 6048580954   Email:
Desired league: Sunday Novice
Info: Just finished Sunday 5 for $50.00 program. Want to play regularly in January in Novice League. I don't have a preference on what position I play.
Date added: 12/21/2022
  Phone:   Email:
Desired league: any
Date added: 5/12/2023