Chilliwack Curling Club - January 13-15, 2018
Guy Philp Albert Oliver
1 Dennis Peake (Delta Thistle)
  Sat 9:00 am Sh 2 Nixon Ross Anderson (Langley)
2 Craig Nixon (Langley) Loser to A            
  Sat 12:30 pm Sh 1 Nixon Sat 12:30 pm Sh 3 Lonsberry
3 Earl Werk (Chilliwack) Loser to F   Winner also to G Bruce Lonsberry (Langley) Loser to D   Winner also to E
  Sat 9:00 am Sh 4   Werk       Sat 9:00 am Sh 5   Lonsberry    
4 Bill Ellis (Chilliwack) Loser to B     Del Olson (Mission) Loser to B   
  Sun 8:00 am Sh 5 Nixon Sun 8:00 am Sh 2 Lonsberry
5 Bryan Johnstone (Mission)               George Heagy (Chilliwack)              
  Sat 9:00 am Sh 1 Bigham       Sat 9:00 am Sh 6 Sinclair    
6 Wes Bigham (Mission) Loser to C             Milt Sinclair (Abbotsford) Loser to C           
  Sat 12:30 pm Sh 4   Bigham     Sat 12:30 pm Sh 5   Sinclair    
7 Don England (Cloverdale) Loser to E Winner also to H   Loser to A Winner also to F  
  Sat 9:00 am Sh 3   Hambly       Ed Lay (Delta)  
8 Jim Hambly (Abbotsford) Loser to D    
    Nixon Mon 11:15 am Sh 3   Sinclair
E Hambly   A Lay (if needed)  
A Peake Sun 8:00 am Sh 1 Ellis   Sun 8:00 am Sh 3 Lay  
      Loser Exits         Loser Exits        
Sat 12:30 pm Sh 6   Ellis   Sun 11:00 am Sh 4 Nixon   B Olson   Sun 11:00 am Sh 5 Lonsberry  
Loser Exits Loser Exits           Loser Exits        
B Ellis   G Nixon       E Lonsberry      
Sun 2:00 pm Sh 3   Nixon   Sun 2:00 pm Sh 4   Sinclair  
Loser Exits Loser Exits
C Johnstone H Bigham     F Sinclair    
Sat 12:30 pm Sh 2 England Sun 11:00 am Sh 2   Werk   C Heagy Sun 11:00 am Sh 3   Sinclair  
Loser Exits       Loser Exits       Loser Exits
D England   Sun 8:00 am Sh 6   Werk   Sun 8:00 am Sh 4   Heagy  
Loser Exits Loser Exits
F Werk   D Anderson