2020 Spring Mixed
"C" Event A Event
B Event
Sponsored by The Apollo Clinic
C1 Lederer
  Sat 3:00pm Sh 6 Lederer Subject
To Change
C2 Eberts        
Sat 10:30pm Sh 8 Foord
C3 Foord          
  Sat 3:00pm Sh 2   Foord    
C4 Sedlar    
Sun 10:15am Sh 3 Foord
C5 Masuch          
  Sat 3:00pm Sh 4   Masuch      
C6 Gieg            
Sat 10:30pm Sh 1   Masuch    
C7 Long      
  Sat 6:00pm Sh 8   McMurdo    
C8 McMurdo    
Sun 1:15pm Sh 4 Renton
C9 Renton          
  Sat 6:00pm Sh 5 Renton    
C10 Sharpe            
Sat 10:30pm Sh 2   Renton      
C11 Rooney              
  Sat 6:00pm Sh 1   Rooney        
C12 Miekle        
Sun 10:15am Sh 7   Renton    
C13 Britz      
  Sat 6:00pm Sh 4 Britz      
C14 Hornsby            
Sat 10:30pm Sh 5   Britz    
C15 Sedola      
  Sat 3:00pm Sh 7   Sedola    
C16 Baird   Watson
C17 Foster
  Sat 10:30pm Sh 3   Toyer  
C18 Toyer         Sun 3:45pm Sh 2
Sun 8:00am Sh 4   Toyer    
C19 Petryk            
  Sat 10:30pm Sh 6   Petryk      
C20 Graboski      
Sun 10:15am Sh 8   Davis    
C21 Moore            
  Sat 10:30pm Sh 7   Moore        
C22 Strathdee              
Sun 8:00am Sh 2   Davis      
C23 Davis        
  Sat 10:30pm Sh 4   Davis      
C24 Jackson      
Sun 1:15pm Sh 6   Watson  
C25 Knutson  
Sun 8:00am Sh 7   Vanderveen    
C26 Vanderveen      
Sun 10:15am Sh 1   Watson  
C27 Watson    
Sun 8:00am Sh 8   Watson  
C28 Annett