2018 Spring Mixed


Welcome to the Chilliwack Curling Club and the annual Spring Mixed, with a special “Hello” to those teams from out of town. Thanks for your support.


Entry fee is $220 including the team buyback, $240 with the blind calcutta. Enclosed in your envelope you should find

·        Four (4) dinner tickets for Saturday night;

·        Eight (8) tickets good for one shooter each.

·        Bonspiel Rule Sheet – on the back. Please read it carefully.



·        Cold cut plates will be served Thursday and Friday night.

·        A continental breakfast, sponsored by Chilliwack Curling Club, is available Saturday from 7:30 to 11:30 am.

·        Sorry, with over 200 people eating dinner we don’t have room for everyone to eat at the same time. There are two seatings for dinner: Saturday at 4:30 and 5:30 pm. If you curl at 5:45 or 8:00 please eat at 4:30. All other curlers will eat at 5:30. Meal ticket required. Extra meal tickets ($20 each) are available until 12:00 noon Saturday at the office.



·        Our DJ “Dance Party Music” will be spinning tunes Friday and Saturday night.

·        Please don’t drink & drive. Phone for a taxi: 604-795-9111 or 604-793-4444



·        50/50 – draws will be held throughout the weekend.

·        Blind Calcutta ­– Envelopes are available for $20.

·        Putting Contest – Thursday & Friday night plus Saturday & Sunday afternoon.

·        Poker Hand – Best three hands win $$$.

·        Team buyback – $220 entry fee returned to team drawn Sat. night at dinner.



·        Prizes for 3rd and 4th place will be given out on Sunday at 6:00.

·        Prizes for 1st and 2nd place will be awarded after the finals.

·        Prizes will not be mailed out to recipients. No receipts will be given for prizes.


If you have any questions or concerns, please see a member of the Bonspiel Committee –Larry Legault, André Anglebert, Leslie Holtby, Melinda Saretzky – or our Club Manager, Bruce Renwick, and the office staff.



2018 Chilliwack Spring Mixed Rule Sheet


Welcome to the 2018 Annual Chilliwack Spring Mixed. Please make note of the following Bonspiel rules.


1.     C.C.A. rules will apply unless otherwise stated. The end is over when the last thrown rock has come to rest.

2.     Length: All games will be 8 ends or until the bell – whichever comes first. The bell will ring 1 hour and 40 minutes after the official start time and teams will finish the end being played plus 1 additional end. The bell will ring 2 hours after the official start for the semi-final or final games.

3.     Tie games after the completion of 8 ends: Tie games will be decided by playing an additional end(s) until a winner is determined. Please, for the viewing audience, push the rocks to the far end and play back towards the windows.

4.     Teams and substitutions:

a)     One substitution may be made at any time for injury, illness, or other special circumstances. Additional substitutions may be made only with approval of the Bonspiel Committee.

b)    A substitute shall not have curled at any time in the bonspiel for another team unless taken from the pool of spares provided by the Bonspiel Committee. Penalty: forfeiture of game(s) played using the illegal substitute.

c)     The substitute must curl in the same position or lower as the curler being replaced. Penalty: forfeiture of game(s) played using the illegal substitute.

d)    A team may start a game with only 3 players providing the 4th player is named,

5.     Game delay/postponement: A team that does not begin play at the designated time will be penalized as follows:

a)     For the first full ten minutes that the offending team is late, the non-offending team will be awarded one point and one end. Upon arrival, the offending team must throw first.

b)    For each of the following full 5 minutes that the offending team is late, the non-offending team will be awarded one point and one end. Upon arrival, the offending team must throw first.

c)     After 30 minutes has elapsed, the non-offending team will be declared the winner.

d)    Skips are asked to make their decisions in a timely manner and to keep the game moving. Slow play is frustrating to everyone!

6.     Score Cards: Thirds from each team are required to ensure that the scorecard is fully completed and placed in the Score Card Envelope on the wall beside the draw sheets.