2020 Men's Spiel
"C" Event
Sponsored by
Fishing the Fraser
C1 Anglehart A Event
Sat 1:30pm Sh 4 Monkman B Event
C2 Monkman LE11   D/E Events
Sat 9:15pm Sh 3 Monkman
C3 Lazy Handles     Subject to Change
Sat 3:45pm Sh 4 Lazy Handles  
C4 Meat Brothers #1 LE10  
  Sun 10:30am Sh 6 Monkman
C5 Meat Brothers #4    
Sat 3:45pm Sh 3 Meat Brothers #4    
C6 Masuch LE9      
Sat 9:15pm Sh 4 Meat Brothers #2  
C7 Rooney    
Sat 3:45pm Sh 5 Meat Brothers #2  
C8 Meat Brothers #2 LE4  
  Sun 12:45pm Sh 1 Geiger
C9 Sanders    
Sat 3:45pm Sh 2 Werger    
C10 Werger LE3      
Sat 9:15pm Sh 5 Werger    
C11 Bradley        
Sat 3:45pm Sh 6 Baird      
C12 Baird LE8      
  Sun 10:30am Sh 8 Geiger  
  C13 Geiger    
  Sat 9:15pm Sh 6 Geiger  
  C14 Freeman  
  C15 Gagnon
  Sun 3:15 pm   Sh 4
  Sat 3:45pm Sh 8 Werk  
  C16 Werk    
  Sun 8:15am Sh 7 Werk  
  C17 Dyck      
  Sat 7:00pm Sh 8 Meat Brothers #3    
  C18 Meat Brothers #3    
  Sun 12:45pm Sh 2 Werk
  C19 Dixon  
  Sat 3:45pm Sh 7 Prinse  
  C20 Prinse    
  Sun 8:15am Sh 6 Marshall
  C21 Marshall  
  Sat 3:45pm Sh 1 Marshall
  C22 Petryk