2014 Men's Spiel
"A" Event
Sponsored by Keith Britz
MNP Charted Accountants & Business Advisors
A1 Dave Stephensen - Chilliwack B Event
Thurs 6:45pm Sh 2 Leighton C Event
A2 Todd Leighton - Chilliwack LB16   D Event
Sat 8:00am Sh 1 Leighton
A3 Mike Walters - Chilliwack LC16   SUBJECT
Thurs 6:45pm Sh 3 Walters  
A4 Carey Prinse - Chilliwack LB15  
Sat 1:15pm Sh 5 Leighton
A5 Rob Logan - Chilliwack LD1  
Thurs 6:45pm Sh 4 Logan    
A6 Brig Dewirth - Chilliwack LB14      
Sat 8:00am Sh 2 Knutson  
A7 Rainbow Country Irrigation
(Bruce Renwick) - Chilliwack
Thurs 6:45pm Sh 5 Knutson  
A8 Russ Knutson - Chilliwack LB7  
Sun 1:00pm Sh 3 Britz Boys
A9 Britz Boys - Chilliwack    
Fri 6:30pm Sh 1 Britz Boys    
A10 James Crawford - Chilliwack LB5      
Sat 10:15am Sh 2 Britz Boys    
A11 Vine To Wine (Al Vanderveen) - Chilliwack LC12      
Fri 9:00pm Sh 1 Will      
A12 Mike Will - Abbotsford LB11      
Sat 3:30pm Sh 6 Britz Boys  
A13 Aaron Simpson - Chilliwack LD5  
Fri 6:30pm Sh 2 Simpson    
A14 Pierre Gallant - Maple Ridge LB3      
Sat 10:15am Sh 1 Snooks  
A15 Yves Bouchard - Squamish LC10  
Fri 9:00pm Sh 2 Snooks  
A16 Fred Snooks - Chilliwack LB9  
A17 Al Jersak - Chilliwack
Fri 6:30pm Sh 3 Jersak
Sun 3:30 pm   Sh 4
A18 Gavin Woodfine - Chilliwack LB8  
Sat 10:15am Sh 4 Marshall  
A19 Team Coldstone (Kevin Ihlen) - Kamloops LC8    
Fri 9:00pm Sh 3 Marshall    
A20 Doug Marshall - Chilliwack LB13    
Sat 3:30pm Sh 5 Senft  
A21 Stu Dixon - Vancouver LD9    
Fri 6:30pm Sh 4 Senft      
A22 Dave Senft - Chilliwack LB6        
Sat 10:15am Sh 3 Senft    
A23 Earl Werk - Chilliwack LC6    
Fri 9:00pm Sh 4 Petryk    
A24 Roman Petryk - Hope LB12    
Sun 1:00pm Sh 2 Senft
A25 BC Gold Leaf (Scott
Gregory) - Maple Ridge/Chilliwack
Fri 6:30pm Sh 5 BC Gold Leaf  
A26 Dwayne Wright - Vancouver LB4    
Sat 10:15am Sh 6 BC Gold Leaf  
A27 Rick Jones - Chilliwack LC4    
Fri 9:00pm Sh 5 Monkman    
A28 Greg Monkman - Chilliwack LB10    
Sat 3:30pm Sh 3 McCaughan
A29 Team Ueda (Jay Ueda) - North Shore LD13
Fri 6:30pm Sh 6 Team Ueda  
A30 Winmar Restorations (André
Anglehart) - Chilliwack
Sat 10:15am Sh 5 McCaughan
A31 Dan McCaughan - Chilliwack LC2
Thurs 6:45pm Sh 6 McCaughan
A32 Dick Whitlam - Chilliwack LB1