2023 Close the Barn Door
"C" Event A Event
B Event
C1 Drawing a Blank
  Sat 7:00pm Sh 5  Rancourt
C2 Rancourt        
Sat 9:15pm Sh 3  Rancourt
C3 Geddert          
  Sat 7:00pm Sh 4    Heaps of Sweeps 3.0    
C4 Heaps of Sweeps 3.0    
Sun 10:45am Sh 8  Rancourt
C5 Dicknoether          
  Sat 3:30pm Sh 4    Werk      
C6 Werk            
Sat 9:15pm Sh 7    Werk    
C7 Barber      
  Sat 3:30pm Sh 5    Fox    
C8 Fox    
Sun 1:30pm Sh 2  Britz
C9 Leusink    
Sat 9:15pm Sh 5    Leusink      
C10 Gourlie        
Sun 10:45am Sh 1    Britz    
C11 Sedlar      
Sat 9:15pm Sh 2    Britz    
C12 Britz    
C13 Robinson
  Sat 3:30pm Sh 1    Gillis  
C14 Gillis         Sun 4:00pm   Sh 7 
Sat 9:15pm Sh 4    Gillis    
C15 Aire            
  Sat 3:30pm Sh 8    Sheet Disturbers      
C16 Sheet Disturbers      
Sun 10:45am Sh 2    Gillis    
C17 Helmer            
  Sat 7:00pm Sh 8    Helmer        
C18 Kelly              
Sat 9:15pm Sh 6    Helmer      
C19 Gudjonson        
  Sat 7:00pm Sh 1    Mamba Cycle      
C20 Mamba Cycle      
Sun 1:30pm Sh 3    Holder  
C21 Crawford  
Sat 9:15pm Sh 8    Crawford    
C22 Eeg      
Sun 10:45am Sh 6    Holder  
C23 MacDonald    
Sat 9:15pm Sh 1    Holder  
C24 Holder