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_Example   Phone: 604-792-1234; 604-845-1234   Email:
Desired leagues: Monday Dinner, Tuesday Novice, Wednesday Open, Friday Social
Info: I am a novice curler looking to play lead on a team.
Date added: 7/4/2022
Wendy Sutherland /Peter Salome   Phone: 6048185946; 6043006464   Email:
Desired leagues: Monday Rec, Thursday Men
Info: Pete and I are looking to join/start a team on Monday night rec league. Pete is also looking at joining the Thursday night mens league. I can play any position but skip. Pete can play any position but prefers 3rd.
Date added: 8/11/2023
Joan Fraser   Phone: 604 799 4630   Email:
Desired leagues: Tuesday Day Ladies, Friday Stick
Info: Will be open to any position except skip, spare if needed. Nifty fifty, mixed, stick
Date added: 8/20/2023
Mike & Tracey Koronko   Phone: 778-847-0075; 604-815-3450   Email:
Desired league: Wednesday Open
Info: Recently relocated to Chilliwack, husband and wife looking to join a team for Wednesday Open. Mike - Curling 8 years recreationally, can skip, 3rd or 2nd. Tracey - Lead, 2nd or 3rd.
Date added: 8/21/2023
Lara & Elyse   Phone: 6047991456   Email:
Desired leagues: Monday Rec, Wednesday Open, Friday Social
Info: A pair of sisters who are looking for a team! Definitely can fulfill your lead/second spots and add fun-loving spirit to the crew!
Date added: 8/27/2023
Kevin and Shannon Burnett   Phone: 6047992407   Email:
Desired league: Friday Social
Info: Couple looking to have FUN! New to the club, Friday night is best for us. Shannon has played a dozen times or so and would prefer 1st or 2nd. Kevin played competitive in his youth as skip and is willing to play any position.
Date added: 8/29/2023
Fred Eves   Phone: 778 968 5042; 604 745 7996   Email:
Desired league: Thursday Open Dinner
Info: My wife Jackie and I have registered for Thursday Open Dinner League as a new team - Skip: Fred, Second: Jackie. We have both registered as such using online registration. We hope to find two other curlers looking to play with us.
Date added: 8/30/2023
Cheryl M   Phone: 778 344 4012   Email:
Desired leagues: Tuesday Day Ladies, Tuesday Novice, Wednesday Open, Friday Stick, Friday Social
Info: Looking to join a non-competitive team, I am an experienced player (can play any position) but prefer 2nd/3rd. I am retired so available day/ evenings. I now use the stick (no longer throw from hack) but can sweep. Will play in stick or any other league. Send text if a team is interested
Date added: 9/8/2023
Gary Brink   Phone: 250 804-5735   Email:
Desired league: Thursday Men
Info: I have curled for about 10 years in the Wednesday Farmers league. I have played lead and second.
Date added: 9/12/2023
Brontie Hladysh   Phone: 2265838863   Email:
Desired leagues: Tuesday Novice, Friday Social
Info: Hello, my partner Tom and I are looking for two others to make up a team this winter. We just picked up curling last year so are still new to the game. Not picky on what positions we play, just looking to have fun! Was eyeing up Friday social but Tuesday novice could work for us too.
Date added: 9/13/2023
Heather & Luke   Phone: 7788683577   Email:
Desired leagues: Monday Rec, Tuesday Novice
Info: Mom & son duo. Mom played on rec/beer league for 3 years (quite a while ago). Son played one season with University. Still somewhat new to the sport but looking for a team to join thatís not too serious and is ok with developing players.
Date added: 9/14/2023
Daren Alary   Phone: 6043022332   Email:
Desired league: any
Info: New to chilliwack after curling 30+ years including 10+ years playing competitive league. Currently co- skipping a team in Abby and looking to play Thursday men's league in chwk. Happy to play any position
Date added: 9/16/2023
Ron Geddert   Phone: 604-309-4306   Email:
Desired leagues: Wednesday Open, Thursday Men, Friday Social
Info: I've curled four years in Abbotsford, skipping in the social league and playing front end in the men's league. also skipped in 5 bonspiels last year. Open to sparing on Wednesday or Friday nights, perhaps also Thursday night men's
Date added: 9/23/2023
David Ross   Phone: 604-869-1827; 604-392-3731   Email:
Desired leagues: Monday Rec, Tuesday Novice Beer
Info: I played quite a few years ago for 1 season. I was mostly lead or 2nd
Date added: 9/26/2023
Diane Pernitsky   Phone: 604-316-6324   Email:
Desired league: Tuesday Novice Beer
Info: Looking to play on a Tuesday Night Novice team. Any position.
Date added: 12/27/2023
Bill Powers   Phone: 6047011069   Email:
Desired leagues: Monday Rec, Wednesday Open
Info: 2 and half years experience. Play Friday night league already.
Date added: 1/5/2024
  Phone:   Email:
Desired league: any
Date added: 1/6/2024
Carolynne Wilks   Phone: 17788793933   Email:
Desired leagues: Sunday Novice, Monday Rec, Tuesday Novice Beer, Wednesday Open, Friday Social
Info: Looking to join a league. I notice this page hasn't been added to for a bit; hopefully someone can connect me with a league for 2024 at some point. I am a beginner.
Date added: 1/29/2024
Carol Honeyman/Dan Burch   Phone: 604-353-2035; 778-875-0870   Email:
Desired leagues: Tuesday Day Ladies, Tuesday Competitive, Wednesday Open, Thursday Open Dinner, Thursday Men, Friday Social
Info: First,second or third (Carol) Second,third or skip (skip preference)(Dan)
Date added: 2/7/2024