Present:  Adam Dyck, Norm Estey, Joanne Kern,  Larry Legault,  Wendi Prinse, Bruce Renwick, Gary Roberts, Fred Snooks,

                        Dave Stephenson

Regrets:  Lenneke Bowles, Andre Anglehart                         Absent: Bobby Neid


1.0    Meeting called to order by Larry at 6:33 pm

2.0    It was moved by Dave & 2nd by Gary that the minutes be accepted as amended. CARRIE

3.0    Business arising from the minutes:  Replacement TV has been purchased and installed.

4.0    Correspondence:    Request for donation for Bowls of Hope Fundraising event to feed Chilliwack School children.  We agreed to supply 2 brooms and lesson.  Bruce will let Mike Csoka know


5.0    Old Business: 

5.1    – International Tankard.  Andre and Larry Simpson were voted to be our representatives this year.  Neil is organizing and needs help for Bar / Kitchen.

6.0    New Business: 

6.1    – Andre was chosen as our nominee for the Community Sports Hero Award


7.0    Treasurer’s Report:  Bruce presented. 


8.0    Manager’s Report:   

1.       Attended the Curl BC Managers / Presidents meeting.  Reviewed  Bonspiel dates and Playdowns

2.       We might Host the BC Firefighters’ next year

3.       Some sales in the pro shop

4.       We will be installing vinyl houses next year.  They will be sponsored and 2 are sold.  Four in negotiation.




9.1    Awards Committee:  n/a

9.2    Bonspiels & Leagues Committee:  Mixed was very busy with 48 teams.  Men’s had 35.  Slight change to men’s at Season’s end.


9.3    Building & Facility Enhancement Committee:  fixed one camera


9.4   Executive Committee: n/a


9.5    Finance & Revenue Generation Committee:   n/a

9.6    Ice Conditions Committee:  quite good since last flood


9.7   Juniors & Clinics Committee: winding up season


9.8    Membership Recruitment & Retention Committee:  Vicki Williams and Melinda Saretsky to be added as admin on Facebook.

9.9    New Building Committee:  There was a meeting with the city.  We are working on a rooms wish list for the RFP


9.10                         Social Committee:  Drain the Keg – April 1st.    AGM will be on May 26th.  Golf Tournament on June 5th.  Volunteer Appreciation to be scheduled for April.



10.0                          REMARKS

10.1                        – Past/Vice President:  n/a

10.2                         - President: Looking forward to the Mixed Spiel. 


11.0                          NEXT MEETING:  April 4th @ 7:00 pm


12.0                  Meeting adjourned at 7:18 pm